Advocacy Overview

Advocacy Overview

Transforming lives with action.

Our advocacy efforts include supporting government funding for diabetes research and programs, improving access to affordable medications and technologies, ensuring access to health care, supporting insulin affordability, preventing type 2 diabetes, fighting discrimination, and much more.
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Find out how the ADA's advocacy supports research funding, health care access, and more.

Take action and make a difference. Learn about the advocacy priorities at the state and federal levels, as well as those for legal advocacy.

Our priorities

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Grassroots Advocacy

Get everything you need to become a diabetes advocate and make an impact. Learn how to sign up as an advocate, take action, see our priorities, access resources, and more.
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Federal Advocacy

The ADA fights for people with diabetes to thrive by advocating for their rights, increased funding for diabetes programs and research, and so much more. You can join this fight by becoming an ADA Influencer. Get the opportunity to speak directly with the legislators of your state and make diabetes a priority in Congress.
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Understanding your Rights

As a person living with diabetes, you have certain rights at school, at work, in public places, and more. Learn more about your rights and how we can help.
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Cost of Diabetes

Living with diabetes imposes a massive cost on more than 37 million Americans today. The American Diabetes Association invites you to join us as we work to address and bring down the Cost of Diabetes Care together, as a community, fighting for change.

Advocacy News

Read the latest advocacy-related press releases and statements.

See what you can do

Learn about what bills our advocates are taking action on right now!